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Main Research Topics in Our Lab

Our research group studies the brain bases of higher cognitive functions such as language, working memory, cognitive control, goal-directed behavior. To this end, we use modern brain imaging techniques such as functional magnetic resonance imaging, EEG, or magnetoencephalography. Our work aims at understanding basic mechanisms of cognition, but also individual differences in cognitive abilities, such as general intelligence or working memory capacity.


Cognitive Stability and Cognitive Flexibility

  • working memory, working memory capacity, working memory precision

  • task switching

  • distractor inhibition

  • dopaminergic control of stability vs. flexibility


Language Processing

  • predictive coding during language processing (L-POP project funded by ERC)

  • word recognition

  • reading and reading disorders


Neurobiological Mechanisms underlying Individual Differences

  • brain bases of intelligence

  • effects of personality (esp. anxiety) on executive cognitive control

  • individual differences in working memory capacity

  • genes, brain, and behavior

  • neurocognitive development of reading, attention, executive control

Cognitive and Neural Mechanisms of Resilience

  • mechanisms of affective information processing - see also

  • cognitive flexibility and resilience

  • affective flexibility

NEW: Pre-Registrations for Current Studies in our Lab

September 21, 2019: Hilger, Werheim, Kaschube & Fiebach - Predicting intelligence from human brain dynamic functional connectivity

September 19, 2019: Eckart, Kraft, Rademacher & Fiebach - Neural Correlates of Cognitive and Affective Flexibility and their Association with Resilience

August 7, 2019: Gagl, Fiebach & Gregorova - Reading at the speed of speech: Native readers/speakers

May 15, 2019: Kraft, Rademacher, Fiebach & Eckart - Cognitive, affective and feedback-based flexibility – investigating neuronal underpinnings of psychological flexibility.

April 30, 2018: Kraft, Rademacher & Fiebach - Cognitive, affective and feedback-based flexibility – disentangling shared and different aspects of psychological flexibility.

April 30, 2018: Rademacher, Fiebach & Kraft - Predicting individual differences in resilience by cognitive and affective flexibility

Sassenhagen, J., Bastiaansen, M., Lewis, A. G., Eisenhauer, S., Gagl, B., & Fiebach, C. J. (in principle acceptance). Does Gamma index semantic predictions? An adversarial collaboration. Registered Report, Cortex.

Published Pre-Registered Studies from our Lab

March 13, 2017: Sassenhagen & Fiebach - Decoding P600/P3/N170 ( ). Published 2019 in NeuroImage:

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