Research Topics

Our research group studies the brain bases of higher cognitive functions such as language, working memory, cognitive control, and goal-directed behavior. To this end, we use modern brain imaging techniques such as functional magnetic resonance imaging, electroencephalography, or magnetoencephalography. Our work aims to understand the basic mechanisms of cognition, language processing, and individual differences in cognitive abilities, such as general intelligence or working memory capacity.

Cognitive Stability and Cognitive Flexibility
  • working memory, working memory capacity
  • working memory precision
  • task switching
  • distractor inhibition
  • dopaminergic control of stability vs. flexibility
Language Processing
  • predictive coding during language processing
  • word recognition, reading and reading disorders
  • Speech dynamics
  • Hierarchical information encoding
  • Orthographic processing
  • Prediction effects
Neurobiological Mechanisms
  • brain bases of intelligence
  • individual differences in working memory performance
  • effects of personality on executive cognitive control
  • genes, brain, and behaviour
  • neurocognitive development of reading, attention, executive control
  • Neurocomputational approaches to brain-body interactions (eye movements, respiration, heart-rate)
  • Neural oscillations in auditory sequence processing
  • Predictive modelling in audition
  • Neural variability
  • Computational & Statistical modelling

Open Science Commitment

At our lab, we uphold a steadfast commitment to open and fair science. We believe that transparency and integrity are fundamental to the advancement of knowledge and the betterment of society. Through open collaboration, rigorous methodologies, and equitable practices, we strive to ensure that our research contributes meaningfully to the scientific community and promotes inclusivity and accessibility for all.